Friday, 10 February 2012

and so a blog begins...

i've decided to jump on this band-wagon...
might be strange timing- most people start similar blogs when they've moved into a new house, are expecting a baby or are beginning some new journey in their life. when all that was happening for me though, i couldn't have imagined starting this "blog journey". right now is the perfect time: we moved into our house last year; our baby lucy is now nine (!) months old; we've had our onni-dog for over two years... and oh yes, i'm on maternity leave! everyday life is what keeps me busy now.

i'm one of those people that likes to just sit back and *think*. my husband, mikko, asked me years ago if i'd considered starting a blog- my reaction was: "well, if i've got something to write about that people would actually read...". i really love a good magazine (or a pile of them!) but seeing as i get my 'zine fix from blogs online, it's time for me to contribute to this community!

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