Friday, 24 February 2012

lucy recommends... baby led weaning & wraps

i like to think that lucy would make some great recommendations... if only she could talk...  

after the advice of some neighbours and "baby-club" friends, we followed the technique of "baby led weaning". at six months, we started feeding her solids, the way her doctor recommended. but rather than starting with purees, we skipped that stage (and the "chunky puree" stage) and jumped right into letting lucy feed herself finger-sized pieces of food. the idea is that she learned to *chew* and swallow food, as opposed to just sucking and swallowing. 
was it scary handing my itty bitty baby a chunk of broccoli for the first time? not really. i trusted her instincts and she knew when it was safe to swallow or when she had to gag and push something back out (i understood the difference between gagging and chocking- believe me, i made sure to know what to do if she was actually chocking). some family and friends questioned our choice to feed her this way, but now i think everyone has a better understanding of the technique and believe that as her mama, i've done my research rather than simply following blindly a "new" technique (people have fed their babies this way for ages, it just now has a label).
anyway, it may come up again... lucy *highly* recommends baby led weaning! she loves to eat  and experience the same foods her parents eat. she likes the different textures and sounds foods make when she bites into them, sucks them, slurps them and licks them.

right now, lucy recommends: wraps! tacos! fajitas! it's nice because you don't need to use a lot of bread, just a piece big enough to wrap-up a lot of goodies! the trick: place a slice of cheese by the opening and melt it in the toaster oven or grill for a few minutes... this way the wrap will stick together and nothing will fall out!

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