Saturday, 3 March 2012

lucy eats...

as i mentioned in a previous post, we've followed the ideas of baby led weaning when feeding lucy. at ten months old, she basically eats everything mama and daddy eat, minus the salt and sugar. although i think i've always prepared healthy meals, knowing that lucy will be eating the same as us has further encouraged me to prepare well balanced and nutritious meals.

my mom's classic question of the day was: 'what would you like to eat today?'. there were two possible answers: 'i dunno' or 'whatever'. my poor mom must have had a hard time coming up with new ideas...
anyway, we all get stuck sometimes at meal times and i thought i would try to post some ideas of what we have fed lucy. (i will try to take photos as often as i remember to and when the camera is close by... before lucy devours her food!)

top photo- one of her favourite lunches: rye bread, cheddar cheese and cucumber 
(from left to right)
1- karjalanpiirakka (finnish "karelian pie"; wheat crust with rice filling), cheddar cheese, cucumber and carrot
2- cream of wheat porridge with strawberry purée
3- broccoli quiche with oat crust and garden salad with fig balsamic vinaigrette (for salads i leave the vegetables nice and chunky for her to hold)
4- apple cinnamon wheat muffin, pineapple and plain yogurt
5- strawberries, cantaloup and cheerios 
6- fried egg, rye bread and plain yogurt
7- lentil soup and multi-grain baguette 
8- mango, pineapple, cheerios and plain yogurt
9- celery, green grapes and cottage cheese
***lucy is offered water with all her meals (i still boil it and let it cool). however, i still nurse her and consider it to be her primary source of nutrition

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