Saturday, 17 March 2012

lucy eats...

lucy hasn't been too excited about vegetables lately... she used to love them and was willing to try them all. but now she recognizes foods she has tried before and seems to remember which was are yummy and which ones... aren't. so i found that wraps and omelettes can sometimes hide the veggies!

top photo- as usual, grabs the banana first! also kiwi, plain yogurt and kamut cereal
1- avocado, red pepper and mozzarella cheese wrap, broccoli and peach slices
2-grape tomatoes, oregano and mozzarella cheese wrap and apple slices
3-orange slices, banana, cheerios and plain yogurt
4- kamut cereal, pineapple slices and broccoli
5- apple cinnamon muffin, orange slices, blueberries and plain yogurt
6- 'spicy' thai chicken and veggie stir-fry (not too spicy) with brown rice
7- grape tomatoes, red peppers and green onions omelette and whole wheat toast
8- daddy's special cinnamon french toast (!), blueberries and apple slices
9- oatmeal, mango slices and pineapple slices
***lucy is offered water with all her meals and she is still nursed.

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