Friday, 2 March 2012

the most private reveal...

i haven't revealed any of our home to you... yet! so i thought, 'why not start with the most private room of the house?!'... the *bathroom*!

besides painting the whole house right when we got the keys, we decided to redo the bathroom. it was oook.... but the tiles were just painted white and we didn't think it would last long until they would get ruined... since it is the only bathroom with a shower in it (we have a two piece wc in the basement), we thought it would be wise to redo it while we still have access to our condo shower (we had about a month overlap between moving from the condo into our house).

mikko and my daddy did an amazing job! this past weekend, i finally had a chance to paint the stripes i had been wanting for so long!

i painted the linen-coloured stripes to add a sense of warmth to an otherwise cool-white and grey tiled bathroom. it's also a tiny bathroom and i think the stripes have made it seem both taller and longer.

we used three different tiles in two classic shapes yet newer modern sizes- a long and narrow subway tile, an oversized subway tile and a penny-sized hexagon.
we've opted for not drilling into the tiles, so a bath rack helps in the tub and a toilet role holder stands on the ground. the original heater grate is long gone, but i was able to find a grate that works well with the tile shape (and it was the *only* one that fit!).

the black vintage marimekko jar and lids belonged to my grandparents. my mom and i can totally still remember the sound of them jingling in their bathroom every morning they were opened (i broke one of the jars...). we chose some glitzy knobs to dress up the cabinet.

one of my favourite things about the bathroom is the amount of storage we were able to add using mirrored medicine cabinets. the whole length of the wall above the sink and toilet is mirrored- this makes the space seem bigger and brighter. (we had also done the same in our condo bathroom and really liked the effect.)

there you have it- our bathroom... salle de bain... wc... you get the point...

***sink cabinet, medicine cabinets, bath rack, towel rails and hooks on the door are from ikea; shower curtain is marimekko from crate and barrel; faucet and shower fixtures are from dupont plumbing; tiles are from olympia tile; toilet roll holder is from home sense; drawer knobs and hand towel hook are from anthropologie; heater grate is from the salvage shop; toilet and tub were the previous owner's.***

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