Monday, 26 March 2012

the space our church meets in

the church family we're a part of meets in a building that was built in the 70's. although the building itself serves it's purpose as a place for us to meet, pray, worship and learn... design wise it's a bit... outdated... dark... not so inviting.

i've been asked to propose some new ideas to brighten up and freshen the place. as someone who is constantly visually engaged with my surroundings, i'm very happy to help in this area and to serve my church family and visitors in this regard. i don't sing solos, i don't play an instrument, i don't cook (well, for my immediate family i try!), i'm not a writer, i don't speak much... but i can design (!) i am convinced that God has made me into His daydreamer- i can visualize spaces, see colours, angles and perspectives. i'd like to be able to offer an inviting space where people will feel comfortable yet energized. our church is going through some amazing changes and we're really praying for more families to join us. my hope is that by making some simple aesthetic changes, people may be more drawn to the space.

we'll be starting with the lobby and moving from there. this is where people will first walk in and the last area they will leave from. i'd like for people to have a great first impression and to leave with a lasting impression.

although our church is nothing like this, i'll leave you with a couple pretty pictures ♥

*** photos are from here

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