Tuesday, 10 April 2012

etsy hunt: linen aprons

linen is just about my favourite fabric- it's comfortable to wear, beautiful to look at and easy to take care of. i went on an "etsy hunt" for some great linen aprons, so here we are!

apron-dress grey
apron-dress grey $140

the gracie demi apron

the gracie demi apron $30
Pure Linen Apron and Linen Kitchen towel

pure linen apron 
and linen kitchen towel $34

apron dress / beige

apron dress / beige $140

Titania - Grey twill apron pinafore with vinatge crochet and lace detailing

titania - grey twill apron pinafore 
with vintage crochet and lace detailing $72

CAFE APRON - linen natural

cafe apron - linen natural $45

Full Apron - Natural Linen

full apron - natural linen $60

Hemp Gathering Smock
hemp gathering smock $110

Apron, off white Linen with latte brown linen belt. MADE TO ORDER.

apron, off white linen 
with latte brown linen belt $sold :(
Half Apron, Linen with lime green, pink or aqua blue stitching. Simple, modern. Spring

half apron, linen with lime green, 
pink or aqua blue stitching $45

Hemp Linen Pocket Smock

hemp linen pocket smock $130

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  1. hey girl! i love the aprons! they are both SOOOO DARLING!!!