Tuesday, 24 April 2012

a letter to lucy ♥

oh my little sunshine... our little miracle... our joy... lusikka... mansikka... mustikka silmat... our baby ♥

i just can't believe a year has already gone by- everyone always says that time really flies when you have a baby and now i really know what they mean.

you're the most wonderful little thing i've ever met. i love you to pieces.

right now the cutest little things are: your signature twist-of-the-wrist wave... your scooty-scooty on the floor... your head bob when you catch a beat... your lip smacking when something tastes good... your sweet gentle kisses... the way you laugh and show your teeth when we tickle you... the way you giggle if onni sniffs you closely.

your very favourite food that lights up your eyes is bananas! you could eat a whole banana every meal if we let you! a close second is blueberries and watermelon.

you aren't very interested in your 'baby toys' right now- you'd rather scoot around and explore all the details of your own home. shoes are your favourite- not only to look at and touch but to taste as well! you like mama's decorations and everything in the kitchen cupboards. but your favourite thing to explore is probably onni's toys and his food dish!

your fine motor skills are very strong, especially when it comes to picking up food and eating it. you typically grasp small pieces of food and then pop them in your mouth using your thumb.
when scooting you sit on your bottom and use your right leg to do all the work while your left leg supports your little body.
you're always able to make a drum out of the simple things around you: "lucy plays the drum, mama plays the drum, lucy plays the drum, mama plays the drum. then. we. stop!".
you have many books but rather than listening to the stories, you prefer exploring the pages especially if there are different textures.
you *love* looking at and touching jewelery and watches. you're always drawn to everyone's shinny things. the lady at 'baby club' thinks you're going to become a jeweler! i think you just like pretty things.
you really like your bath time and swimming. our pikku kala. you're quite gentle in the water but know exactly how to react if being splashed at.

happy first birthday my baby. you'll always be mama's itty-bitty baby.
sugar and spice and everything nice- you really are made of those things.

baby girl, i love you more than you'll ever imagine. i've loved our time together while nursing and i'm happy you've enjoyed it too. last night you had a rough night: you were awake and crying for almost an hour. we took you into bed with us, and all you wanted to do was hold my cheeks in your hands and for me to wrap my arm around you. i absolutely love being your mama and comforting you when you need it most. one day i'll ask you about your dreams, what it is that you want in life. you'll come to me when you need to sort out your thoughts or share your ideas. we'll chat over the little things and contemplate the big things. but for now, i love the point where we're at- middle of the night snuggles.

xox mama

thank you Lord for letting me and mikko be the ones to care for and love this little girl all the days of her life. i feel beyond blessed to have her in our life. thank you for keeping her in my womb for 35 weeks though doctors say she shouldn't have made it. while pregnant, i felt as though i was the one that new lucy better than anyone else; we had already developed a connection, a bond. yet i had to remind myself that You knew her before she was even in my womb (jeremiah 1:5). you knew that she would be the perfect child for us and that we would be the perfect parents for her. i'm so glad that others have been able to experience the joy a baby such as lucy can bring. thank you God that lucy brings joy to our life and to others around her. thank You that others have been blessed by her smiles and waves.
Lord i pray that lucy would one day choose to follow you. i pray that she would experience the *joy* you have to offer her and that she would always feel loved by You. though i wish that lucy would never experience pain or hurt, i pray that You would always be there through her struggles and tough times. please help lucy to rejoice in all things, even when it's hardest. please always protect her and keep her safe. amen.

*photo credit to heart visuals

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