Thursday, 3 May 2012

family recommends... when travelling

last week we were on our first trip down south to florida. we learned a few things along the way about travelling with a baby. here are a few recommendations:

-book a window seat - having a window on one side will provide you with a bit of privacy for letting baby sleep or nurse in peace. it was also super exciting for lucy to look out the window! (who knew planes are *that* big in real life!)

-feed while taking off and landing - or feed some little snacks so that baby's ears don't plug or pop

-take an umbrella stroller and a car seat - for our airline, we were allowed to take two-of-three things: stroller, car seat and/or playpen. we took the stroller and car seat knowing that we would need them right away at our destination. we also made sure to buy an umbrella stroller since they're compact and light (we use our bugaboo for walks at home and maclaren for trips). i was happy taking our own carseat because we know how to strap it in and we know its history

-rent a playpen - most cities (or island in our case) have a rental place for special items such as baby needs, season gear or special-needs equipment (*however* it would have cost only $20 extra for us to take our own playpen on the plane and it cost $40 to rent the playpen - we only figured this out afterwards, but it also would have been another thing for us to drag around, so i was quite happy renting)

-rent a condo right by the ocean - so *highly* recommend this with a baby! it was so easy to go back and forth to the beach. lucy was able to nap inside and then be outside right after waking up. we went for several walks a day and after swimming in salt water and getting sandy, we didn't have to strap lucy into a carseat

-entertainment during nap time - bring an ipad, book or magazines to keep you busy while baby sleeps (although we usually had a nap a day with lucy!)

-bring a baby carrier - this is nice on the beach since the umbrella stroller wouldn't have worked (with the help of some friends and my own research, we chose a boba carrier - totally recommend it!)

we have another trip coming up! i'll let you know if we think of anything else that would be helpful!


  1. Thanks for the tips! I'm a first time mom and these are really helpful.

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  3. i'm glad to be of help! a great blog that has focused on travelling with a baby is

    check it out!