Thursday, 31 May 2012

lucy recommends... the 'tilty' cup

lucy's great at both eating and drinking... it wasn't always this way...

a year ago when lucy was born, i had a lot of trouble nursing her. the combination of her being born five weeks early and me having a c-section resulted in a teeny tiny latch and my milk taking a long time to come in. but i was determined to breastfeed as i wanted her to benefit from it both nutritionally and as a bond between her and myself. i didn't feel 'pressured' by anyone at all - it was just what i wanted because i wanted it.

i had help from the midwives, a drop-in breastfeeding clinic and from a lactation consultant. finally after eight weeks of trying (i mean we really really tried- we're talking breastfeeding, pumping, feeding with a tube on my finger, feeding with a tube on my breast, supplementing with formula when her weight dropped too low and even bottle feeding)- she got it! it was hard and very painful for eight weeks, but like i said, it's what i wanted.

(side note: i really didn't want to formula feed at all. it was hard for me to 'give in'- but the consultant was great. she told me to think of it just as a 'tool' to help me get to where i want to be. then when my own mom told me that it's 'ok' to use it, that she can tell how hard we're trying - i 'gave in'... just until she gained enough weight)

ok - so then mikko and i decided we better try bottle feeding her again if we'd like to go out anywhere without baby in tote... didn't happen. i bought several different bottles and nipples... she knew they were fakies... and wouldn't take any of them.

alright - so then i bought several different sippy cups in different flows, sizes, hardnesses... again... she wouldn't take them....

until! i ran into a neighbour friend of mine and she asked: "well, have you tried the tilty?"... 

so we borrowed her son's... and tadah! it worked! lucy finally drank from something by herself!

lucy recommends the tilty cup. it's basically a plastic cup with a spout, but inside the cup is a tilted bottom so that baby doesn't need to tilt the cup or their neck as far back as with a regular cup. it also doesn't have a valve in it which is better for their dental development.

sold. i bought them through bumble baby (but i noticed they don't sell them anymore... they really should...) for lucy and for four other friends! it comes with a regular spout but we also bought an orange 'smoothy lid' (bigger hole) and a red lid (no hole, easy for transportation).

humm... i love the tilty, but there's a couple of adjustments i would love to see: one, i would like the bottom to be closed (you can see in the photo of lucy holding it up, the bottom is left open) because now that lucy is getting funnier and sillier and oh so creative - she stuffs leftovers in there. two, i would make attachable/removable handles for when baby is just learning to use the cup. lucy's now able to hold it by the rim or like a real cup, but it was tricky at first.

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