Wednesday, 2 May 2012

our little miss sunshine ♥

lucy's our little miss sunshine - she's funny, sweet and a very happy baby. having a sunshine themed party seemed just right for her!

my mom told me this past halloween that when i was in kindergarten, she asked me for the first time "what do you want to be for halloween?" she had assumed i would say 'a princess' or 'fairy' or something else that every little girl wanted to be - but to her surprise, i answered: "a sunshine!"
right away she thought about how to make a sunshine costume - she basically collected everything yellow for me to wear - yellow tutu, yellow top, yellow shoes, yellow wig! i was a sunshine!

for lucy's first birthday party, i followed the same idea - everything yellow! yellow food, yellow decorations and yellow clothes!

it all started off with a happy little invitation to lucy's little friends. 
i made some classic poms to hang both indoors and outdoors and some mini ones as cake toppers. i included two different garlands: one with scraps of ribbon looped onto string and another where i sandwiched a paper doily and yellow circle onto string. i replaced our usual decor with some of our favourite photos of lucy's first year. daffodils and yellow tulips were the perfect fresh flowers!
elizabeth mitchell kept us entertained with her cheerful, sunny songs! 
lucy's mamma and pappa gave her the sunny little sweater; we got her her first pair of denim shorts while on our trip to florida; her little striped shirt was a gift from her four-month old friend that couldn't make it to the actual party. i made her flower headband using the fabric from an old dress of mine. i made my flower necklace and earrings using vintage beads i had bought online.
the menu: fresh and homemade was the way to go - mini mac & cheese, finnish karjalanpirakkas (thanks mom!) with egg-butter, yellow beans, yellow pepper, yellow tomatoes and dip, and crakers and cheese. 
for dessert: banana cake with cream cheese frosting, finnish pepes (thanks mom!), cake pops (made easy using timbits), yellow golden delicious apples, yellow pears, mini bananas, pineapple, and blueberries (since they are lucy's weakness!)
treats: lemon and cream pie jelly beans, finnish marianne candies, pistachios, lemon lollipops, and baby banana mum-mums (for the little ones).
to drink: pineapple juice, apple juice, water and coffee.
the kids played some classic games suited to our theme: pin the smile on the sunshine and hot-sunshine (a.k.a. hot-potato - to which we sang "you are my sunshine"). the prizes were all - get this - yellow! (surprised?) yellow shovel, frisbee, sand pail, bubbles, candies and gum.
lucy received some really beautiful gifts: girly dresses, a barbie (!), instruments, her first doll  (named 'baby' but pronounced with finnish accent!) and a wooden bed for her doll.
to end it off, lucy thanked her little friends with happy face balls, lollipops, tambourines, and 'little miss sunshine books' (for her two four-month old girl friends!)

(for more photos, please click on 'read more' at the bottom of this post)

(for more photos, please click on 'read more' at the bottom of this post)


  1. What a lovely and perfectly yellow party! Happy Birthday Lucy :)

  2. super cute party! found your blog via ohdeedoh. i love how simple that ribbon garland is and your all-yellow food is awesome! off topic, i wondered where you got the three circular wicker baskets from (in the living room)- they are perfect!

    1. aww, thanks robyn! there's actually quite a bit of yellow foods when you think about it... heh!

      yes! the baskets are perfect for us! we use them for magazines, books, and now lucy's books! i got them from home sense a couple of years ago... i've seen similar ones at crate and barrel, west elm and restoration hardware (but of course, home sense has them for a fraction of the cost!)