Tuesday, 15 May 2012

pocket full of posies ♥

i'm my mother's daughter - as soon as anything is blooming, i have it in my home: on the dinning table, bathroom vanity, lucy's windowsill, and my night stand.

when we bought our house and came to visit it (we were able to visit twice before actually moving in), it was wintertime. i told mikko that as soon as the keys are ours in may, i'll plant lily-of-the-valley and white peonies - two of my favourites.

while visiting, i asked the owner if he remembers what grows in the garden. we looked out the window and he pointed to the back: "there's some little white ones there..." me: "do you mean lily-of-the-valley?" him: "yeah! and over there (pointing to another spot) you'll find some big, white fluffy ones..." me: "you mean peonies?" him: "yeah! that's right!"

i think the home was meant to be ours ♥

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