Wednesday, 30 May 2012

what we've been up to...

it was the little guy's 3rd birthday! so of course we took him to the beach!

all of a sudden lucy has developed a *toddler* smile!
hanging around before music class

lucy with one of her best friends, 'a', at our drop-in music class.
the instructor is great! she plays the ukulele and the fiddle while we all sing and dance! 
she's really like our 'own' home-town elizabeth mitchell! (whom i love!)
lucy is now really interested in the basket of instruments they get to choose from.

do you have any singers or musicians you would recommend for kids??

 drawing with (and tasting!) chalk... can you tell what the c.s.i. outline is?

lucy in her 'not-a-box'! as inspired by the book by antoinette portis


  1. we love charlie hope : )

    1. ooooh! thanks! that's great!!
      always on the look out for kids' music that i'll enjoy too!

  2. This is one Leah really enjoyed listening to and watching when she was a bit younger. The colors captivated her on the video :)
    Here's their website:
    --Sarah <3