Saturday, 2 June 2012

it happened.

i think it happens to everyone or maybe i'm just trying to make myself feel better.

lucy fell off our bed. face first. onto hardwood floor.

i only turned for a second to open a suitcase while she was busy looking at my clothes on the bed. that's all it took. a second.

i'm posting about this only so that others can 'make themselves feel better' if it happens to them. i felt absolutely terrible that she got hurt and that it was because i left her on my bed alone. believe me, i learned that i can't leave her on the bed alone - not even for a second - next time, just set down on the nice and low floor...

we all make mistakes while parenting - and to me, that was a big one. she had a little bloody nose and now a puffy lip - but she forgave me real fast and showed me real grace when i offered her some nice and cold, freshly-made watermelon juice - and nuggles of course ♥

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