Tuesday, 3 July 2012

finnish playgrounds kick butt ♥

i went to finland several times as a kid, but never really picked up on how great their playgrounds are - until now that i have my own lil one. we scoped them out high and low and i wish we could have brought one home with us ♥

they're often very simple in actual activities, but because of their locations next to forests or lakes, a lot is left for children to image and make-believe.

in every courtyard, townhouse complex or near apartments you will find a playground - seriously, everywhere we went, there was a playground to be found!

we were never there at lunch time, but a relative told me that at most playgrounds, lunch is offered for free to children - all they need to do is show up with their own dishes and utensils, and lunch is served! this is especially great for working parents during the summer when lunch isn't prepared (normally lunch is offered at school)

there are *always* swings at every playground (most of them have been removed from toronto school's playgrounds) including toddler ones and always a sandbox with toys to share. 

near every playground you can find a post with a sign stating the exact address and who maintains the playground with a number to reach that person. having the address is such a simple idea but could be crucial in the state of an emergency. 

*** there were no kids around for those last couple of photos - so my parents and mikko 'modeled'... yeah right - we all know the truth - they're *glad* there were not other kids and they had the place to themselves!

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