Monday, 16 July 2012

five years ago ♥

... we said 'i do' ♥

it's been a real trip down memory lane these last couple of weeks. you see, when we got married five years ago, the days of the week were exactly the same as this year (meaning we got married on a saturday and this year july 14th was also on a saturday).
i remember on friday, the week before our wedding, the girls threw a great bachelorette party for me ♥ started off at the art gallery of ontario, then went for pole dancing lessons at flirty girl fitness , followed by dinner at il fernello, then some funny dares and finally dessert at ohh, i can't remember the name of the place...
on sunday before our wedding, my aunt and uncle flew in from finland.
oh the prep work and help from others that led up to the wedding!

we got married at my parents' farm... it was a very rainy and cold day (we had expected hot, sunny and humid in mid july; but this year there was drought all around- i prayed before the wedding that if farmers needed rain more than i'd like sunshine, then so be it. no problem - totally didn't faze me or our plans of getting married!). up to the day before the wedding, we had planned on having the ceremony outside. but then i asked my dad if we could plan to have the ceremony upstairs in the barn, just in case... i had a feeling it wasn't going to work out outside. (i also ran out and bought a little jacket to cover up... good thing!)
we had turquoise and red as our main colours (heh, before they became trendy...). i'm glad we had such bright colours because the day itself was so grey and blah... (though our lighting expert knew exactly what to do, so the photos totally don't show how nasty it was...)
we had some friends play their string instruments for the ceremony. they played some of our favourite tunes such as the beatle's 'eleanor rigby', enya's 'orinoco flow' and i walked down to the verve's 'bitter sweet symphony'.
we had a tent set up for the reception and since mikko is the oldest of all his cousins from his mom's side, we knew we'd have about twenty younger guests... so we prepared the green house just for them.
the dress that i wore during the ceremony was from the salvation army - yep, that one. my mom and i always look at the old dresses hanging in thrift stores, but when we saw this one, we just couldn't believe it: it was a paloma blanca dress, 100% silk for just under $100. with the amount of silk that was on that dress, i wouldn't have been able to buy the fabric for that price and recreate anything even close to that. as i was trying on the dress, other customers and sales associates just couldn't believe it - they said that if i wasn't going to buy it, they'd buy and sell it away for more. note***: this all happened before mikko and i were even engaged. so my mom decided to get me the dress and we figured that if i can't make it my own (i knew i'd alter it somehow), then we could at least pass the dress along to someone else. so we got engaged a little while later... and i knew i wanted to use the dress. it also came with a silk wrap, so i used the wrap around my waist and hips and made the former a-line dress fitted at the waist and hips. i bought upholstery fabric and made the turquoise pleats for the hem and added the turquoise ribbon to the waist with my maiden initials sewn on the back with glass beads. my finishing touch was the vintage brooch pinned on the front.
i highly recommend brides to wear 100% silk dresses. it was sooo light compared to others that i tried on (i bought the dress well ahead of time, but went for the official 'bridal experience' to a few dress shops with friends - we had some good laughs!)
since our wedding was in the heat of the summer (or i thought it would be!), i decided to make an even lighter dress: again, 100% silk, fitted trumpet style, strappy turquoise ribboned back with turquoise buttons down to the hem of the dress. since it ended up being very cool outside, i wore a white fitted jacket on top.

some of my favourite parts of our wedding: 
after i had asked my dad to set up the loft of the barn for the ceremony, i went to see it and to my surprise, him and my uncle had collected birch branches and decorated the loft's poles with them - loved that finnish detail!
when it was time to walk from my parents' house to the barn, it was pouring rain. my dad had the genius idea to use the deck's huge umbrella to walk me down to the barn.
some good girlfriends of mine who are also sisters performed a beautiful worship dance to 'in christ alone' by newsboys. (i wrote about that here; i'm so glad my friend seana was able to be there ♥) 
we didn't want a very heavy or fancy meal to be served. instead, we hired a local finnish caterer who prepared beautiful salads and had her own barbecue chef cook shish kabobs on the spot. my aunt brought specific ingredients from finland and made her amazing sampuläs (buns). my mom and mikko's mom made the deserts: chocolate kääretorttu (rolls), korvapuustit (cinnamon buns) and mini pavlovas. a baker friend from sudbury brought mini pepe leivokset (custard filled tarts with a pink icing topping) and my canadian-grandma, eira, made lusikkaleipiä (melt-in-your-mouth butter cookies; again, so happy that she was also able to celebrate with us ♥).

it was a great wedding ♥

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