Thursday, 19 July 2012

lazy lucy...

*genius* - don't you think?

we took lucy's bumbo to finland so that we would all have some freedom while eating. while we were at mikko's aunts home, we noticed the bumbo was a bit too low on the chair and needed something to raise it up about an inch higher. all we could find was an ikea's 'snudda' lazy susan. and guess what - it was the *perfect* size for the bumbo! that's how we came up with our 'lazy lucy'.

the 'warning' label for the bumbo clearly states: 'never use on raised surfaces such as tables or chairs' and 'never use as a high chair'. i think we've only ever used it on a surface and as a high chair... not just for 'sittin' pretty'... (please always read warning labels. i read it, but chose to supervise lucy carefully. she has never been left unattended while in the bumbo). 

another great use for the bumbo...  i placed it in the shallow end of a pool. of course, she was never left unattended. in fact, i sat right beside her. it just gave her a chance to sit back and splash the water before she was able to support herself on the pool floor. the bumbo actually suction-cupped onto the floor and had to be pulled off.
lucy also sat in the bumbo on the floor in the shower area of the pool change room while i showered off.

again, the warning states: 'never use the bumbo seat in or near water to avoid drowning'... but i felt safe using the bumbo. i did not use it as a flotation device!

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