Sunday, 1 July 2012

summer in finland ♥

my husband and i both share finnish roots. we've visited finland several times and mikko has also lived there. although my family is very small, everyone other than my parents and brother still lives in finland. and after getting married, i've gained a much larger family! 
we were in finland for a month and just got back. it was a busy trip visiting all our family and friends and introducing our lucy to them. 

it's funny how when you grow up with something, such as traditions, customs, foods, nature, it just seems 'regular' to you. but this trip i made a conscious effort to notice what i love about finland and about being finnish.

i'll be posting a lot of details about our trip, but here are just a few of the great memories...

lupins, birch trees and 'juhannus' (midsummer night) 
- the longest night of the year where there is still sunlight past midnight

 we met with a *lot* of family on our vacation!
my parents and mikko's mom were also travelling in finland -
lucy must have wondered why we kept on bumping into them!

this was pretty special:
four generations of girls: my mom, muori, myself and my daughter ♥

 lucy met several of her 'pikkuserkut' (second cousins) for the first time!
they played together, chatted together, pondered about life, bonded over their love for shoes and giggled - a lot!

lucy's oldest 'pikkuserkut' took such good care of her - they couldn't be any sweeter ♥

 we hung out with some good friends that we made four years ago on their trip to canada.
now we've all started a new generation of friends ♥

lucy in the sauna, rosy cheeks and all ♥

our last night in finland - still bright outside past ten o'clock

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