Friday, 17 August 2012

diy by kontti

one of the thrift stores i visited in lahti, finland was 'punainen risti kontti' (red cross trunk).

one corner of the store was set up with bins of all kinds of trinkets and small items. the idea was that you can buy the things in bulk to create something new out of them. 

above the bins were photos of clothing made by designers at the lahti institute of design using recycled materials from the store.

the campaign stated: 'do it yourself'.

there were also post cards you could take with pictures and descriptions by the designer of the process on how to recreate the clothing.

i thought this whole section was just brilliant... it's meant for the person that wants to be creative and wants to join the 'upcycling band-wagaon', but doesn't know where to start. you can go here for ideas and then shop away.
it's also great for the store to pack all these odds and ends into one corner and give them one more chance to be recycled.

do you think this would be worth while in canadian thrift stores?

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