Wednesday, 8 August 2012

shopping in finland...

i *really* like shopping... especially in finland.

if you aren't sure where to start in helsinki, just check out any stores that have been recognised as 'design district helsinki' stores...  
helsinki is the world design capital for the year... how fantastic is that?!

here's a couple of shots of the most recognizable stores we popped in

-marimekko @ pohjoisesplanadi 33, helsinki
   this was actually a new location, they just moved from their previous one about six months ago. such stunning patterns and yummy colours ♥

-artek @ eteläesplanadi 18, helsinki
   if only this were closer to home... or if shipping could be really cheap...

***lucy tried out eero aarnio's bubble chair and she liked it. a *lot*. 
so mikko said that one day she can choose: he'll buy her her first car. or the swing. she gets to choose.

-iittala outlet @ könnöläentie 2, iittala
   iittala outlets are everywhere in finland, but this is where the actual glassblowing factory is.

-stockmann in helsinki
   great department store. love the mariemekko section and muumi section.

but what i really recommend is that you go upstairs to the eighth floor. this is where you'll find the fazer cafe and restaurants. they have many delicious and nutrious meal options and several different seating sections that are beautifully decorated. but you cannot leave without having fazer ice cream. i mean it. i've eaten a *lot* of ice cream in my day, but this absolutely tops them all. pear ice cream can be found anywhere in finland, but they don't compare to fazer's pear ice cream... if i hadn't been sick while in helsinki, i would have gone everyday just to eat the ice cream. i recommend 'pearing' it (get it?) with nougat ice cream. very generous scoops. yum♥

another few places that i recommend:

-formverk @ annankatu 5, helsinki
   great designer names and brands of furniture, lighting, kitchenware and accessories. like eero aarnio's 'puppy' that lucy fell in love with or 'dodo'...

-h&m home @ aleksanterinkatu 48, helsinki
   it's a really small location but they've got this amazing system for a small space. when you walk in, you can take a little metal magnetic shopping cart board in your hand and when you go around the store, you can add magnatic images of anything you'd like to purchase. they have one of every item on display so that customers can actually see the products in person. when you're finished shopping, you can go to the register and hand them your 'metal shopping cart full of magnets' and they'll go to the back to retrieve your items. at the front of the store there is also a board with each of the magnets (items) available. this way you can quickly scan through them or check for any sales. so smart!

-peroba @ fredrikinkatu 33, helsinki
   beautiful things, full of character, industrial and homey.
have a peek at their web store... on the left hand side of the page, under 'tuoteryhmät' you'll find all the goods. i especially liked their lighting... and really, i wish i had gotten the wire shade for 15 euros...

-'tori' (market) anywhere, especially helsinki
   i wasn't able to make it to the helsinki tori this time... lucy and i were sick as dogs in the backseat of the car while mikko and my parents went ahead. typically toris have food vendors, vegetable and fruit stands, flower stands (my mummi and pappa had a flower stand at lahti's tori for as long as i could remember) and hand-crafted goods. mikko snapped a couple of pics for me of things he knew i'd like:

the last photo is taken from the tori in lahti... where my grandparents used to sell flowers. their bouquets looked a bit like the ones in the black buckets in the front. they didn't sell any potted plants.

***jaffa had awesome poster ads this summer... wish i had taken a picture of one...

-marimekko outlet @ kirvesmiehenkatu 7, helsinki

   the goods are here. so are buses of asian tourists.

-muurla outlet @ muurlantie 9, muurla

   they had great prices for some great muumi products such as these trays and enamel mugs

i just have to show you this picture... that's a lot of 'haitaris'... you can  probably find them all over stores in finland, since it's probably one of their national instruments... but these babies you'll find at lasse pihlajamaa oy in seinäjoki (if you're impressed, go ahead, drive 330km north of helsinki). they claim to be "the leading, oldest and highly respected accordion shop in finland".

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