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the finnish goods...

i love shopping. here. there. anywhere. but you guessed it- especially in finland ♥
i like shopping away from home where you can find things that are either unique to the location or are just different from what's available at home.

i'd like to show you what i actually came home with. some of the goods are just playing adorable, some of them are terrific things that you'll find in finland, because it's finland, and finland is great.

the items in this post are all brand new... next i'll post about what i thrifted... ooh lala ♥

 arabia's muumi mugs are my classic 'tuliainen' (souvenir) from finland (they deserve a post of their own).
i came home with four of them this time: the summer mug ('primadonna's horse'), 'fuzzy', 'mymble's mother' and the black and yellow one is the 'hurray' mug celebrating helsinki as the year's design capital.

the mint green plate is a special gift from my aunt and uncle: it is a new size, shape and colour to arabia called 'koko
and this was their first time meeting our new baby 'lucy minttu'
(in case you were wondering where the blog name came from, 'minttu' meaning 'mint' is our daughter's middle name...)

these 'unikko' marimekko outfits don't fit lucy quite yet, 
but they're two different sizes so she'll always have a bit of unikko in her wardrobe!

i highly recommend marimekko's children's clothing. they're affordable if you get them or sale or at an outlet, they wear really well (as long as you follow their temperature guidelines for washing) and are very comfortable. and of course, they're adorable ♥

classic red and white 'pallo' jumper for my girl

marimekko's socks and stockings last really well so i stocked up on them.
love the green and mustard 'polle' pallukka patterned hat and lucy's ready for a 'big girl' headband ♥

love these colours and the pattern

tea towels are a must, so i picked out a couple of my favourite patterns: 'mansikkavuoret' and 'puketti'

my mom and i bought matching shirts. yep. we both liked the same one. but i saw it first.

these earrings are super special... look at them closely, they're made of old finnish 'penni' coins. 
i'll tell you the story: three and a half years ago when we were in finland last, i saw a pair like this at a christmas market. i regretted not getting them. i saw them again at tallipiha in tampere. another regret.
so this trip i had it on my 'must have' list...

i found them in a shop at tallipiha but they only had a single coin hanging from each earring. so i asked the sales lady if they make them with three in a row (as i had seen them years ago)... she said "no problem, i'll make them for you right now!" what?! so the artist herself was working that day and she custom made my earrings. i took a while choosing the actual coins - she has a box full of possibilities - and while i was looking, i saw a couple of canadian pennies! turns out that a canadian tourist had asked her to custom make canadian earrings!  the artist is laura saarivuori-eskola
please take a look at the photos she has of her jewelery (mine is too dark to see clearly)

the significance (this is totally just so i remember it all myself!)... 
left earring... top to bottom... 1 penni and 10 penniä: 1+10=11 and mikko and i have been together for 11 years/four loops symbol (name?): there are four of us in our family (me, mikko, lucy & onni/ me, my mom, my dad & brother)... three coins in a row because onni is 3 years old!
right earing... top to bottom... 1 penni: we have one baby who is one year old/ 'suomi finland': our background/ 5 penniä: our five years anniversary is in about a month / 1+5=6 and six years ago from the day we bought the earrings, mikko proposed
got all that? 

rento sauna scents- eucalyptus and midsummer-birch (just a little sprinkle in the water before throwing it on the rocks... yes, real sauna requires throwing water on rocks to create steam 'löyly'.
(don't worry - you won't damage the public sauna, the heater was made to have water thrown on it) 

i love the scent of bliw hand soaps and the way the bottle feels in your hand: soft, smooth and round (swedish and wonderful)

bottles of vanilla-sugar (nice for sprinkling here and there for baking... more on that in another post one day... when it's cool enough to bake!),
classic tube of cardamum (every finnish kid remembers that from when they were little)... one of the rare spices that finns use (ha! i'll be baking with that later as well)
and a deciliter cup (all finnish recipes use deciliters, so this will make following recipes faster)

some classic finnish tunes for lucy

we're starting lucy on muumi while she's young ♥
great board puzzle with red pegs to practice her fine motor skills; a mini tray from tampere's muumi museum for lucy to play with; a safety reflector (these's are amazing for walking or playing after dusk or on a dark day - especially for motorists to see... finland is very dark in the winter and all kids wear these for safety... daycares enforce kids to wear a whole vest with reflector material on them. kids make reflectors as crafts at school... finland is serious about these simple little life-savers); my aunt gave lucy a muumi placemat; some muumi tunes from the show; muumi 'cloths' from muurla (super great material if you haven't experienced them yet); and another one from my 'must have' list- a muumi mobile by flensted -mobiles from baobab kids in turku (i'll be sure to post pics when it's up on lucy's ceiling)

a must for moi and another for my brother.
oh gosh... my mouth is watering... ok. i just opened another package of marabou's mint krokant chocolate (swedish). i absolutely love the chocolate and mint combination - one of my favourite go-to flavours. but this chocolate, has a crunch! yum ♥ i also recommend marabou's schweizer nöt (swiss nut?) and fazer's  pear and almond dark chocolate... such a nice flavour... the pear comes out more as an aftertaste that lingers nicely in your mouth... 
(chocolate and pear are an amazing combination. i remember years ago going to a chocolate buffet in vancouver for my friend's bachelorette party, and the only flavour other than chocolate was pear sorbet)

lapin kulta beer for my brother who took good care of onni while we were away 

and for mikko's work buddies a.k.a. beer connoisseurs

the best cheese slicer one can get and sweet little muumi scissors (for when lucy is ready!) from fiskars 
(did you know fiskars is finnish?)

lucy looks nice in blue... she'll look like such a big girl in these... ♥

these are for if i'm able to have another baby. it was really hard to find tiny clothes to fit lucy here in toronto - but finnish kids' stores were loaded with itty bitty clothes, including hats.

while at a shop in tallipiha, mikko tried to show lucy some bubbles. instead, she was focused on getting the little mushroom purse...  
this was the first accessory she's ever picker herself, so mamma bought her her first purse ♥
the nice and long 'mansikka' bib from baobab kid is for our mansikka-tyttö when she outgrows her other bibs

nani wanted lucy to have some 'girly' coloured cars

'rukka' pants are a 'must have' for kids. they're basically a soft rubbery fabric and are meant to be worn over other clothing. it protects your inner clothing from getting wet or dirty - perfect for playing in the rain, snow and mud. in finland, kids play outside no matter the weather - and this is how i grew up too (of course, i also had rukka pants growing up) and i'd like lucy to do the same. 
i like the saying: 'there is no such thing as bad weather. there is only bad clothing for the weather.'
(the mits and hat are thrifted - i'll write about those later)

nani also got lucy a pair of nokian rubber boots in a yummy raspberry colour.
this is her third pair of boots in the same size. nothing will stop her from going out in the rain!

mamma also spoiled lucy with some more clothes... 
i really love kids clothing by tutta (little hat at the top and the blue, orange and white shirt). 
great quality and sweet colours.
i had a hard time finding the exact mitts on my 'must have' list. i tried to find rukka ones in 'small', but couldn't find any in the summer... so we went with another reputable brand, 'lassie'. they're great because they've waterproof and windproof and as you can see, they're meant to go up high on lucy's arms and have good velcro straps to tighten on her thin arms. an extra pair of mitts can be warn underneath. 

for our little guy, we got him this funny little pig that says 'röh röh' as finnish pigs do
(i love how animals make different 'noises' depending on where they're from!)

did you get any shopping ideas? is there something you'd recommend finding from finland?
let me know if you need any help shopping in finland or for finnish things ♥

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