Thursday, 30 August 2012

these shoes were made for walking...

while we were in florida this past spring, we got lucy her first pair of 'kävelykengät' (walking shoes)... 
i had a feeling she would be a very late walker... she was almost a year old at the time and didn't show any interest in walking... just scooting.

i bought the shoes a little big (although at size two, they were the smallest velcro shoes they had!) and now they fit her just right. my mom was the type to buy us clothing and shoes a size (or two... or three...) larger than our current size so that we'd 'grow into it'... some of those things, i never grew into. they were out of style or too warn out by the time they actually fit right. so i've decided that with lucy i would buy her shoes that fit her right (anyone remember stuffing cotton balls at the tips of their shoes to make them fit right? yeah. i won't make lucy do that.)

i think everyone has a favourite brand of shoes they'd recommend as their first official 'kävelykengät'. i went with something that i'm familiar with that both mikko and i find comfortable. good ol' converse chucks. they have support, the soles are strong but flexible and i'm actually able to get them on (!) thanks to the velcro. and they're adorable. and sweet. and oh so cute.

so my darling is now sixteen months old and she's finally starting to walk ♥ she hasn't tried on her own yet, but is happy to walk if someone lends their fingers for support...

i know they won't fit her for very long, but she has about four other pairs waiting for next year... one pair came all the way from brazil via finland (thanks! ♥)

*** excited when she sees a present... takes it out of the muumi (!) envelope... opens the shinny bag... takes out a striped package... unwraps the package... tadah!

what shoes do you recommend getting next??

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