Friday, 17 August 2012

the thrifted finnish goods...

and this is what i found while thrifting in finland...

some adorable small plastic vintage plates and animal cutlery for lucy

marimekko for me... 
strawberry robe... t-shirt (i like the longer length of the sleeve)... 
vintage 1973 long button up top (looks like new!)... and a raincoat (i love wearing raincoats and boots!)

marimekko for lucy... 
a pink scarf... two striped shirts from my mom and  the polka-dot shirt will be turned into a dress for lucy  ♥

tea towel, pillow cases and fabric

these hooded hats (balaclava hats) are amazing... they keep the cold out because they're so tight, leaving just the little face exposed. i bought several of them in case friends ever ask for one... lucy had one this past winter and canadian friends always noticed it and asked where to we got it... one friend went to the extent of looking for instructions to make one... and of course, the instructions were in finnish! ... oh finnish things... so great...
the rukka pants are brand new (just snuck into the picture) but the rain hat and mitts were thrifted. the tiny reima mitts are fantastic because you can zip them all the way open to get a tiny hand in and they're nice and long on the arm. the rukka mitts are a must - no water, snow or dirt will ever get through them... they're meant to have a thin pair of gloves or mitts worn underneath. then you can button the elastic nice and tight and they go high on the arms as well.
each item was between 20 cents and 2.50 euros...!

some tiny clothes if i'm able to have another baby.
as a health care benefit, finnish families are offered a 'baby box' full of essentials to get started. (you may have read about it on apartment therapy) while thrifting through the baby sections, it was clear to me what was offered in last year's box! i saw a lot of it being reused... including the white and grey top pictured. check out this year's box... really great things!

some 'big girl' tops and dresses for lucy

great coloured and patterned tops for lucy... nice brands as well

some adorable knitted hats, including a classic strawberry one for my mansikka tyttö ♥
wonderful felted booties with pom-poms

easter bunny chocolate mold... for a euro

lovely vintage wooden sandles... for 1.50

i remembered a few of the thrift stores from previous visits to finland, but most of them were found by just typing in "kirppis" or "kirpputori" (flea market) into googlemaps. i went to at least one kirppis in every town and city we visited... what you'll find in each store and the prices will vary so much, it's worth making your way around to as many as you can!

a few of their stores are organised the way most north-american ones are- by department. but i think their most genius system and one that would be great to adopt here is somewhat like a consignment one or a market. you can rent out a space fairly inexpensively - some stores had either booths or cubbies and others just have tables in rows. you are responsible for setting up, numbering (each seller is assigned a number) and pricing your own belongings. some stores have an employee responsible for cleaning up the cubbies or tables, but at most stores you are responsible for cleaning up your own section. this means that people come in daily to tidy up and replenish their cubbies or tables, or others take care of their set ups with a buddy system where you take turns looking out for each other's things. it seems like a hassle, but if you want to make some quick easy cash and the store is in your neighbourhood anyway, you might as well try setting up a cubby or table. it's kind of like a year-round indoor yard sale; but you don't actually have to wait around all weekend to make the sales... and because sellers have to pay for their space, i find that there is typically less 'junk' (i mean the *real* junk that no one wants... not the hidden treasure kind...) than at our thrift stores. some cubbies just have kids clothing, some have adults, some have shoes, jewelery, dishes, sports equipments, books, actual antiques, collectibles... you name it... someone's probably selling it...

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