Wednesday, 5 September 2012

back to 'school'...

last night my little 'student' woke up at 12:20am... our 'class' started a little earlier than usual... for phys.ed she went in and out of her bed for an hour and half... like most students, she wanted to take a drink of water several times, over and over... this particular student seems to excel in drama and was able to throw herself back in a tantrum one moment, then weep the next and smile afte
r that... at 1am, i modeled how to fall asleep by bringing all the needed manipulatives into her room, such as a blanket and pillow and laying beside the child's crib... at 2am, it was time for science... so we went outside on the front porch and observed a family of baby racoons... a teachable moment of phys.ed arised, so we threw some rocks towards the racoons but they we unable to catch the rocks... we of course learned a lot in math last night, looking at the clock every few minutes and noticing that all the neighbour's lights are out in those wee 'am' hours because normally people sleep when it is dark outside... after science, my student needed some extra 'one-on-one' time (and really, i use that term since that's what it was)... so we sat in the living room and she slowly began to fall asleep during our student led conference... alas, at 2:30am, i gradually released the responsibility to my student. she independently pointed to the stairs and i asked her an opened ended question: 'what do you want to do next?'... with assistance, she decided she wanted to go 'aa-aa'... i am now writing all these observations during my short allocated prep time at the beginning of my day... soon the student will arrive again and class will officially be in session. i hope to meet her needs today and perhaps perk new interests as other teachable moments arise. i know we aren't supposed to have favourites, but who am i kidding, of course my daughter lucy minttu is the apple of this teacher's eye ♥

happy first day of school to my teacher friends... i hope you were able to rest well last night... and if your 'other class' was in session (like my own), take joy in the fact that you're the most wonderful teacher that child will ever have... and... it's a short week (!)

this is what we did on our 'first day back'...

*** second from the bottom, left hand side (13th photo)... lucy is saying "peace"... as in 'please turn the water back on... i've turned it off again...'... one of her newest words ♥

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