Friday, 7 September 2012

lucy recommends... tiny cups, yogurt and real dishes

lucy recommends a few things now...

1- tiny cups. tiny.
she's ready to move onto a regular cup and we first tried using the doidy which i think is a great idea, kind of a step up to independence from the tilty we recommended earlier. but lucy didn't like using the two handles (she's already used to not having handles since the tilty doesn't have any).

at my parents', lucy used an enamel mug and seemed to really like it. so at home, she now uses my old tea set mugs. (if you plan on letting your child drink or eat from toy sets, make sure they are suitable for food and drink contact and are non-toxic.) i trust those three heart mugs since they're made in denmark.

i did a lot of yard saleing this summer and found a lot of great toys for lucy, including some tiny plastic ikea cups. the current ones they sell are multicoloured and although the site initially says 'glass', they are in fact plastic.

***lucy is upset in the first photo because i poured the milk without letting her 'hold' the carton with me... she always wants to help herself that one...

the other day we went to a local thrift store and bought lucy some tiny glasses - shot glasses or candle holders will do as long as they aren't too heavy. she has always used our 'real' dishes and only rarely uses plastic ones - i like that she knows how to handle them and does not mistreat them.

2- lucy recommends the new brand of yogurt, iƶgo. she of course likes the taste and texture of it (we've only tried the original), but i think she also likes the cup it comes in. she'd recognise that cow print from anywhere... and it's also a nice shape for her to scoop out of.

3- lucy recommends real dishes and real cutlery. growing up at home, we really only used plastic dishes outside. my mom didn't want to bring any extra unnecessary dishes into the house that would only be used temporarily as we were little. from the beginning she taught us how to handle and take care of fragile items (this includes all the decorations we had at home. my brother and i never broke a thing). as i mentioned before, lucy has also used our 'real' dishes and cutlery. for dishes, she uses all our smallest versions such as dessert plates and condiment or dessert bowls. it's important for them to be small in order for her not to feel intimated or 'lost' by looking at a bigger dish. small bowls are especially important for when she eats cereal, chili or soup, she is able to actually get food onto her spoon rather than having to chase it around a big bowl (sense of empowerment). she also uses our iittala 'cake' size forks and 'coffee' size spoons (much smaller than a salad fork and teaspoon).

***update*** i don`t know why i haven`t noticed these before... but ikea sells glasses that are the exact same as the plastic toy glasses they carry... a tiny 2 oz

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