Sunday, 9 September 2012

seana never tapped...

as a family today, we walked the 'walk of hope'... 
we have hope that one day soon, early detection of ovarian cancer would be made possible.

sufjan steven's casimir pulaski makes me think of seana. we prayed over seana. a lot. we prayed for healing and seana never gave up her hope.

we walked in her honour today.

we gathered together

and walked as a team.

 we wore flowers in our hair,

waved ribbons of hope

but cried about big bows (!)

some of us strolled

and some of us splashed -

everyone was happy with balloons.

we all walked for hope -

some of us danced

some of us giggled

and everyone made new friends.

we comforted each other

and remembered our loved ones.

little people wore big shirts

and little people took big steps.

we all finished the walk

and then ate together.

we took funny pictures

but not everyone laughed (!)

we did this all... because seana never tapped.

she never gave into her awful disease and she never let it take over her life.

seana loved life and loved the people around her. she would have really liked today ♥


  1. This is such a beautiful post. You've captured it perfectly.

    Sharing in your hope and love.

    Seana really would have loved today.


    1. thank you

      i really miss that girl...