Saturday, 20 October 2012

emmi's mökki sweet mökki ♥

finns love their 'mökit' (cottages) and the lifestyle that comes with them.

but what do you do if you live in the city, don't have time to travel to the country, love the cottage life and would like to have your own little mökki?

you buy your own place in a designated cottagers' area and rent out the land. it's called a 'siirtolapuutarhamökki' (allotment cottage). finns have thought of it all (!)

mikko's cousin, emmi, did just that a year ago. she lives in the city with her sweet daughter and visits her mökki every chance she gets - it's only a short drive away - ten minutes from her apartment to her little dreamy nest ♥

... you can see more photos here...

emmi had an interesting summer seeing the perennials that previous renters had planted on the property. 
the garden keeps her busy but she's happy to tend to it since she doesn't have this in her city dwelling.

aren't these planters brilliant? they're on shelves that are suspended from the overhang on the shed's roof.

there is no indoor plumbing, but the rain barrels and shared well  provide enough water 
for the garden, washing dishes and cooking.

while we were visiting, emmi set up a hamak in the backyard

emmi's next project for her mökki is to paint a chalk board on the inside of the door.

in only a short year, emmi has managed to change a dark and outdated mökki 
into her own little adorable, feminine and light filled space.

the round rug (that i love!) under the rocking chair was a gift from emmi's mom
(more to come on this craft in a later post)

the sweet pictures of flowers are in fact individual pages from a book that emmi had pasted to the wall

space is limited but emmi has managed to organize all their necessities 
using a variety of baskets, containers, boxes, jars and bins.

above the main floor is a loft where mother and daughter rest their sleepy heads ♥

every finnish mökki i have ever been to has their floors covered in 'räsymattoja' (rag-rugs) - 
just love them ♥ to me, they're so homey and sweet
(unfortunately they aren't easy to find cute ones in canada... oh ikea, bring them back)

the diamond lamp was a gift from her sister

ikea's newest cart being well loved and well used in the kitchen

there is a common outhouse shared by all the residents.
there are different cleaning and maintenance duties on rotation.

'don't reverse into sister's fence' ♥ 
(a resident's message in the parking area)

i'm so happy for emmi and her girl that they have a sweet little mökki, a dream come true, 
to call their own ♥

for more photos of other similar little 'mökkija', google 'siirtolapuutarhamökki'... 
you won't believe how cute they are...

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