Monday, 8 October 2012

happy thanksgiving ♥

lucy has had a lot of 'firsts' lately... and we're quite thankful for them... 
especially this one: at seventeen months, lucy has decided that she's ready to start walking ♥

she took her first steps this week and everyday has managed to take a few more... i'm really happy for mikko's sake that he was with her for the very first steps ♥

this is the first picture i snapped of her walking... and look what she's wearing: a two-piece jammy... so toddler... with dogs of course since they are her favourite

lucy graduated from her highchair to a toddler chair (!)... it's basically a highchair without any pieces on the front... 
please don't worry, she is always supervised while in her new 'big girl' chair
(this adorable chair was a sweet yard sale find this past summer... the owner had a hard time parting with the chair since both her children had outgrown it, but when i told her my daughter's name is 'lucy', her heart melted... and then melted a little more when i actually told her about my funny little baby ♥)
look at how proud she is in it ♥

look who has a pillow... and she actually sleeps on it the whole night (!)... every morning she points at 'muumi'

this year lucy ate anything and everything she wanted ♥
last year she was almost six months old, so she tried baby cereal for the first time... 
she tried it a few times, then we switched to  baby led weaning

(i picked this dress out for her last year... she was swimming in it... it fits her now ♥

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