Saturday, 6 October 2012

jenny recommends... a nasal rinse

well, lucy was sick this past week and i of course caught her cold...
she already recommended the nose frida... but that's made for little ones.

for us bigger ones, i recommend a nasal rinse such as neilmed sinus rinse. while i was pregnant i had to deal with some really bad allergies and the flu. i couldn't use any meds so i searched for something else... although 'natural', 'herbal' and 'organic' remedies sound great, they aren't a great option while pregnant because they haven't actually been tested on pregnant women. this is what i came across: it's basically a saline solution that you squirt into your nose and it flushes out all the nasties - allergens, bacteria and of course the snot. i have recommended it to every single friend possible! i wish i had found it earlier, i could have used it my whole life... it has made a world of difference... seriously. 

people then ask: "doesn't it feel like your drowning when you have so much water up your nose?"  well no, not really. it's because of the salt mixed in the water that it's actually a soothing feeling, not scary. you can watch a video here on how to actually use the product. i know they also carry that classic neti pot, i just haven't tried it myself since i'm happy with the bottle version.

next time you start feeling a runny or stuffy nose, head over to a drug store and pick up a nasal rinse (not just one of those little bottles of saline solution - they aren't enough)... i totally recommend it!

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