Saturday, 13 October 2012

scandinavian kids' clothing...

love these scandinavian kids' brands of clothing...

there's a lot of repeated images to create patterns.
even the 'boys' sections are adorable and easy to find something sweet (way cuter than in canada...)

ej sikke lej (danish clothing... funky patterns)

franck fischer (danish toys and accessories... wooden, jersey and crocheted)

green cotton (danish clothing... organic cotton)

marimekko (finnish clothing and home accessories... classic patterns and seasonal ones... great quality)

h.j.o.r.t.h. copenhagen (danish clothing... very simple animal patterns... wonderful colour combinations)

katvig (danish clothing... stripes! and circles)

modeerska huset (swedish clothing... fine detailed patterns and images... beautifully tailored)

maxomorra (swedish clothing... comfortable and bright patterns)

luna luna copenhagen (danish clothing for girls... a lot of frills and lace... but starting to use jersey and stripes as well)

tretorn (swedish boots... 100% natural rubber boots... made for puddle jumping)

smafolk (danish clothing... retro colours, patterns and styles)

urban elk (danish clothing... comfortable and simple styles)

wheat (danish clothing... subtle 'muddy' colours... basically mini-adutls' styles)

duns sweden (swedish clothing... happy colours and patterns)

nokia (not just phones... but finnish rubber boots... 100% natural rubber boots and winter boots)

plastisock (swedish clothing... bright colours and simple patterns)

mini rodini (swedish clothing... yummy colours... adorable patterns)

molo (danish clothing... i prefer their boys line of clothing... patterns created with repeated photographic images)

myllymuksut oy (finnish clothing, fabrics and accesorries... retro colours, patterns and fabrics) 

swedish hasbeens (swedish clogs... classic shoes in yummy colours... way more comfortable than they look!)

norlie (danish clothing... stunning and subtle colours... many wardrobe 'basics')

philster & philina (danish clothing... check out the a/w 12 collection... i would love for lucy to wear most of it... and if they made them in my size, i'd wear them too)

sture lisa (swedish clothing... adorable animal patterns)

tuss (swedish clothing... comfortable and simple... mostly grey, black, white and some muted tones)

polarn o. pyret (swedish clothing... known for their classic styles, colours and a lot of stripes! great quality... and now, totally available in the states)

these are a few online stores you maybe be able to purchase from directly:


-copenhagen styles
-sweet william
-vyssan lull

although i've tried my best to find the scandinavian goods, the 'swedish american mama' will keep you up to date with any new finds. like myself, she wants to expose her girls to the scandinavian 'ways of living' (though of course, i want to expose my girl to the finnish way of living, and her's to the swedish). the 'little scandinavian' has norwegian connections and posts  about fashion, design and scandinavian lifestyle.

there are many other scandinavian kids' clothing companies that i haven't mentioned... what would you recommend??


  1. Hi!
    Do you know any Scandinavian clothes stores that ships to Canada for a reasonable fee? Thank you for posting this!

    1. hi emilie! sorry but i haven't done any cross-border online shopping in a long time!! ugh... shipping and duties just kill me...

      buuut... what you can do is email specific online stores (say from finland) - and ask if they'll deduct the VAT (tax) when having it shipped to canada. some will definitely do that because they're technically supposed to since it isn't being purchased in their country (finland). and that's already a pretty penny! and shipping is generally still much more affordable from europe than from the states...
      as far as looking for specific stores, click above on any of the brands, then on their websites, look for their online dealers. if the websites are in a foreign language, use your translator tool.