Monday, 1 October 2012

stretched embroidery hoops how-to

for our church nursery, i made a few piece of art to brighten up the walls and add some character... here's the how-to for making the stretched embroidery hoops:

***update*** guess who i just met at a photo shoot... this wonderfully adorable woman named ellen... she was just too cute: grey little bob hair cut with thick black framed glasses. she told me her husband was a textiles designer... in my head, i thought 'no... could it be...?'... i asked her what his firm was called... she said 'niemi design' (!)

so yeah, her husband was the designer behind the vintage 'onion' fabric i used for these wall hangings... i had tried to research the history of the artist online, couldn't find anything, and now i met his wife! she showed me some old fashion show photos of clothing that used his fabrics, including this identical onion design. love that ♥

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