Monday, 1 October 2012

the inherited finnish goods

every time i visit finland, muori (my mom's mom) passes down one of her special belongings to me. she has never been one to collect a lot of 'stuff' - she only keeps things that are precious and that she really loves... they end up being things that i also really love ♥

vintage arabia plum jam jar

muori's handy work from when she was a student

these were originally at muori and vaari's 'mylly' (cottage) which then became my aunt and uncle's
(my aunt had kept these and gave them to me)
the red vintage rosti bowls will be great for onni at christmas time ♥
i remember the alarm clock from when i was little


  1. love the plum jam jar!!!
    and the rosti bowls...i had to decide between keeping some williams sonoma nesting baking bowls, or my thrifted vintage rosti bowls (not enough room in the. upboards for both)...I gave away the WS bowls of course!!!!

    1. i'll have to show you where the bowls are being used now for christmas time! ;)