Thursday, 22 November 2012

eq3 ♥

lucy and i met mikko for lunch last week in liberty village.

i always like popping into west elm, especially when they have their christmas decorations available.

but now there's a new store in town... well, to liberty village: eq3.

the canadian store isn't new to toronto, but what is new is the fact that this location carries marimekko ♥ 

it's basically a shop-within-shop and i was pleasantly surprised to see just how much they carry: dishes, fabric, bedding, cloth bags and napkins. i believe you may have the option of choosing marimekko fabrics for upholstery

i also love the classic and simple furniture they carry and appreciate their compact sizes, perfect for toronto's small spaces in condos and century old homes.


  1. I am sad our EQ3 doesn't carry Marimekko. Maybe one day! We have 2 stores in Ottawa I think.

    1. i think it means that you should move to toronto...