Tuesday, 13 November 2012

jenny recommends... a weekend with the girls ♥

for the first time since having lucy, i went away for the weekend with some of my favourite girls ♥
of course i missed lucy, mikko and onni - but it felt really nice to go somewhere new and to live without a schedule - even if just for a weekend.

early saturday morning, we drove to 'le scandinave spa' in blue mountain. loved it. it's an outdoor spa with hot tubs, cold plunge pools, a sauna, eucalyptus steam room and relaxation rooms. following finnish tradition, the idea is to circulate between the hot and cold as a form of relaxation and detoxification. we were there for *five* hours... you bet i was relaxed.

we then checked in at the westin and dined at oliver & bonacini. lovely hotel that includes an outdoor pool and hot tubs that we took full advantage of on sunday morning!

we walked around the blue mountain village, browsed in the shops and stopped for some starbucks... you've probably noticed that they have their christmas drinks out - but have you tried them as frappuccinos? totally recommend a peppermint mocha frapp... yum ♥

as we were heading out of collingwood, we stopped at a beautiful store called 'lëuk'. it was my kind of store ♥ filled with natural touches of white, linen, distressed wood and metals. 

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