Tuesday, 6 November 2012

jussi & terhi's home sweet home to-be ♥

this past summer, my cousin jussi and his wife terhi were in the process of building a house for their family of five. terhi had always dreamed of having a large yard with enough space for a garden, strawberry patch, berry bushes and fruit trees. after hearing so many stories of houses being poorly built and needing countless renovations, jussi along with terhi's dad decided to take on the job themselves. 

the location of the property was ideal for this family due to it's proximity to a school, daycare and work. as an added bonus, there is a beach only a hundred meters away.

i was so excited to see a bit of the process of a young finnish couple building their dream home ♥

... you can see more photos here...

large kitchen in the back and living room in the front.
terhi's 'wish list' includes large counter space for baking and plenty of drawers for easy access to kitchen necessities.

wooden burning stove with bread oven above.
i love how european windows open only on the sides, leaving the view from the centre clear and unobstructed.

traditional wood paneling on ceiling - love this too

white washed floor board sample and wallpaper sample

this side of the property is very private so they are able to have large windows that let in
natural light from a southern exposure. they have the added bonus of a stunning view.
the walk-out deck will be outside of these windows.

walk-out deck and 'kesä keitiö' to-be (summer kitchen)

love them ♥
boys v&t are hard at work building their own fort and girly-o is dreaming about her new room

sauna and guest-cabin  to-be (and 'sauna mestari' to-be!)
most finns have a sauna located in the house, but the couple wanted the sauna to be separate so that it is an option to stay up later without disturbing any sleeping kids inside.

serious soccer field to-be (they plan on leveling out the ground)

garden to-be

the shed is adorable (i know!) - but too moldy to be saved... (would have made a sweet play house ♥)

however, this one is a keeper ♥

me and my side-kick ♥ (would like to see his photos...)

i can't *wait* to see the end results ♥ you're the man, jussi (!)

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