Thursday, 15 November 2012

learning with lucy... about chestnuts

lucy is a toddler now (*tear*)
like most toddlers, she has quite a short attention span. i like to switch up our activities quickly and often in order to maintain her interest and motivate her learning.

i'll post some ideas of lucy's favourite activies as we come across them. 
please note that all the activities should be supervised by an adult.

some things i consider when thinking of games for lucy:
-will she learn something or practice a new skill?
-it needs to be cheap (of course, free is even better!)
-it needs to be safe (obviously)
-will she have fun doing it?

at the beginning of fall while on a walk with onni, we collected some horse-chestnuts (meaning they aren't edible). they're beautiful to look at and lovely to hold.

this was lucy's first 'scooping exercise' - i didn't model or show her what to do - i simply gave her some tools and she she discovered it on her own.
lucy is only a year and a half, but her three and a half year old friend who came over was just as intrigued by the activity and enjoyed it for quite a long time.
i like that the activity involved her senses and fine-motor skills and was completely free (!).
we've kept the chestnuts and she continues to play with them.

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