Friday, 23 November 2012

my mom - the thrifty one ♥

i've done a lot of great thrifting... but my mom just topped it all... 

the first two finds are adorable... but wait til you see the last one...

yep. that's $12 for two authentic alvar aalto stool 60 's... stamped 'artek' on the bottom.

funny story: my mom dropped by one of our regular thrift stores. she said she was totally rushing through... she was planning on only dropping off some bags of clothing (we've always dropped off our goods at this same store... for over twenty years... it's a 'hole in the wall' type of place). she grabbed the scoops and the juicer and then she saw something familiar... something three-legged hiding under a pile of stuff... she could recognise those three 
beautiful birchy legs from under anyone's pile of 'stuff'... then - another one...
she asked the cashier how much they were. "they aren't for sale."
to which my mom replied (lol...): "oh please would you consider selling them... i have a few chairs at home that would match these so well... they look really similar..." (in fact she has at least three aalto chairs and a couple of stools)
"sorry mam, they aren't for sale. we use them daily to stand on and reach anything high up on the shelves."
brilliant mom: "oh no! that isn't safe at all! these stools only have three legs each... it can easily topple over and someone could get seriously injured!"
"oh... i hadn't thought of that... i guess you're right..."
desperate mom: "please mam, if you let me buy these i promise to replace them with a much safer and sturdier step ladder."
"well alright, if you promise (isn't that cute...)... the step stool should be just about the same height as the stools..."
almost-there mom: "i'll bring a new step ladder next week... so how much would you like for the stools?"
"how about $6 each?"
champion mom: "$6 is fine."

p.s. this thrift store holds weekly silent auctions... somehow they knew nothing about the value of these chairs...


the stool 60 that i won came with some simple instructions on how to assemble the three-legged stool (by the way, it felt funny to be 'missing' one leg when i took the pieces out of the box... and it wasn't just a typical 'ikea mistake'...)... take a closer look at what the note says on the bottom left corner:

there you have it folks: 'never stand on the stool'... my mom was right...


  1. Jenny you must be kidding me about the chairs! :) :) :)
    Love your blog, your diy, home deco etc :) Hope to see you again one day :)

    1. :) oh i'm not...
      how much would they sell for in finland... in a kirpputori...?

      thanks for stopping by anu ♥

  2. Jenny check and write "aalto jakkara" and you'll get the answer ;) :) e.g. 70€ per jakkara :)

  3. oh man i am sooooo jealous!

    i have two of alto stools in my kitchen! i love them!