Thursday, 1 November 2012

tricks and treats ♥

we have a lot of 'little' neighbours... and i like giving them things that are sweet... without the sugar...

for valentines, i made them heart shaped fruit kabobs.

for halloween i picked up some sparkly foam stickers and wooden halloween-themed ornaments. i packaged them nicely and included these words:

happy halloween!

a little craft for you to do with a grown-up...

you can either:
paint the decoration
or colour it using crayons.

a cool little tip:
after colouring the decoration with crayons,
ask a grown up to put it in the oven
at 300°f for about one minute...
it'll smooth out the chunky bits of wax...

write your name and age at the back...

when all your candy is gone, you'll still have this sweet little memory for years to come ♥

don't get me wrong guys... i really do appreciate all the chocolate lucy collected for me ♥

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