Sunday, 30 December 2012

a scandinavian christmas ♥

*many* more photos after the jump (please click on 'read more' at the bottom of this post)

sorry for the photo overload... these are really for my own memory's sake... but if you get some ideas or inspiration, that's nice...

i've been told our home looks very 'scandinavian' and it genuinely is... many of our decorations and accessories are from finland.

as far as christmas decorating goes, my two favourite 'scandinavian details' are a) red and white (not a whole lot of green or any of the jewel tones used here in north america) and b) my nice and bare christmas tree ♥

i'll tell you why i love our bare scandinavian christmas trees: without as many branches or fullness, the decorations have space to hang... visually i like the space because you can see the ornaments from several different angles and there is space for them to gently sway and twirl with any gentle passing breeze. ornaments can be placed close to the trunk and right out to the tips of the branches as opposed to just being crowded on the outer edges of the branches or bulging outward.
my neighbour told me that i'm the only one in our neighbourhood that can get away with a 'bare' tree... last year she asked me if i actually thinned out our tree haha... nah, we just get our trees from my parents' farm so they may be 'less than perfect' to some... go ahead, get a nice and bare tree...


  1. It looks lovely as always! Co-pilot got the same Muumi mobile for Christmas :). Happy New Year!

    1. thank you!
      oh isn't the mobile adorable... lucy always makes them 'tanssi, tanssi' by blowing them gently.
      lucy got hers from finland this past summer... where were you able to find it in canada?

  2. Oh my goodness you weren't kidding when you said many more photos!! It must have taken you hours to do this post. Looks great!!

    1. ;)
      thanks emma :)
      it only took a long time since i had left til -after- christmas to do!... as you know, the weeks leading up to christmas got so busy (and sick around here!)... otherwise i would have posted bits and pieces slowly...
      sorry for the overload! ;)