Tuesday, 11 December 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

the first photo showcases some of my husband's handy work from this past spring/summer/fall ♥ (i'll have to post some before and after photos...) the most recent work was the planter, landing and walkway (we'll have to wait a while to stain the pressure treated wood... though i'm itching to just stain it already...)

*** chairs, lanterns (which are screwed onto the porch... someone actually stole one once... yeah), grey planter and rug are from ikea; house numbers are from lowe's; wall lamp is from lowe's; mail box is from p.o.e. design in port perry; hooks are from the home depot; wreath is from oddjects; red metal bird is from châteletwhite planter was from zellers...; white table is from loblaws; the christmas lights are ancient (from our wedding) and still kickin'... it'll be hard to find outdoor white lights with a white cord once these ones fail; our door is by cobra doors; the boxwood was from my neighbours who chopped down their bushes; the birch branches are from my parents' farm.

*** the lights used in the planter are not green... that's just how LED lights look when photographed... i noticed that first in this photo


  1. Jenny, if i buy flying tickets to you, you'll come here to helsinki and decorate our home, ok? Deal? :) :) Love your style to do it.

    1. deal ;)
      thanks anu :)
      so when am i coming??

  2. this is gorgeous!! your red mailbox is so lovely.
    would you mind sharing the color used for your front door?

    1. thank you robyn!
      you know, i wish i could tell your the exact name lol... my dad is a doors and windows installer, so i basically told him what i wanted and asked for 'charcoal grey'... to which he replied: 'there is only one grey...'... so this is what we got! ;)
      i'll try to find out the actual name of the colour this weekend (it's by 'cobra doors')
      (funny though: last time i was there, he gave me this tiny bottle of paint, almost like nail polish and said 'here, it's for your door... in case you ever scratch it.'... so i've got a tiny bottle of paint but don't actually know what it's called...!)