Thursday, 31 January 2013

great days of thrifting...

i like popping into thrift stores. often.
and every once in a while i make some really nice and dandy finds... 
here's a few of my latest thrifted goods:

a discontinued iittala 'flora' 9" serving bowl... $8 at gw (apparently $120 here)
it doesn't have the iittala sticker, but i know the pattern when i see it... i've wished for a flora piece and have seen it in turquoise, but had my hopes up for a clear one... and here she is

several bins and baskets of wood and natural fibers for lucy's toys - no more than $2 each
initially i wanted to get lucy all kinds of cute big storage bins (you know, all the canvas kinds) and she has one in her room... but i don't like how everything gets lost and left at the bottom... leaving toys on open shelving or in small storage bins makes so much more sense

lucy has started to pour her own milk and water from small pitchers (creamers?) - $2 in front, $1 for the others
thrift stores always have them, but i wanted them to be white or glass and as light as possible.

butter dish - $3
i'm pretty big on using non-salted butter over margarine (we really use it so little)... 
so far it has sat in a bowl on the counter

now *this* was a great day of thrifting:

i saw this white dansk kobenstyle pot from a distance at gw... and assumed that it would be overpriced...
$6. yeah. i know. but wait, i'll tell you more about this later at the end of the post.
it's in such great shape - i just *love it*. i love all the yummy colours that are available in dansk designs, but also just love a crisp clean white (we've got a lot of white at home...)
so after finding this jack pot, i thought 'if there's a danish piece like this here... maybe there's more...' 

so i eyed this nice and heavy looking wooden rolling pin... of course, 'denmark' on one end - $3
love a good and solid rolling pin

i found this fish trivet hiding under some pots... i knew it'd be danish too - and yes, the back is labeled 'dansk gourmet designs' - $2

then one more clearly danish metal and wood tray - labeled 'made in denmark' on the back - $2
i like how it's smallish and narrow; maybe lucy can use it?

alright, so i was standing in line waiting to pay... and i noticed their specials calendar: every day of the week has a different deal... wednesday's deal: 50% off all kitchenware... 
all those danish lovelies were 50% off... yep, $3 dansk kobenstyle pot... $1.50 rolling pin... $1 trivet... and $1 tray.
oh man... thank you Lord for blessing me with lovely things that make me smile...

have you made any good thrifty finds lately? do tell!

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