Friday, 18 January 2013

learning with lucy... pegs, pompoms and pipe cleaners

the pegs and board game is a hand-me-down from a friend... i'm not sure who makes it...
i'm not sure if there is actually a point to the game... but it's great for hand-eye coordination....
just today she had a big laugh when trying to make the tallest tower of pegs and it fell over on mama

  lucy did similar activities with pompoms as she did with chestnuts: she used different spoons and scoops to place them in different containers such as an egg carton. however pompoms are of course a different texture and weight.

pipe cleaners are great: they're inexpensive and kids can make anything with them...
lucy liked making a long chain with them and necklaces for her toy dog.
she also liked scrunching them up, unfolding them and putting them back in the bag.


  1. another fun thing to do with pipe cleaners is to play with an upside down collander. they can stick each end in a different hole, making arcs of pipecleaners :)

    1. yes! we'll need the plain ol' straight ones for that; these are too thick and fluffy for out collander