Thursday, 17 January 2013

sweet gifts for a sweet girl ♥

lucy finally started walking at 18 months... 
for christmas we gave her a sweet little wooden stroller by hape

i wanted lucy to have a special doll to take care of and adore - she is such a loving little girl. 
i prefer to expose her to lovely and natural textured toys and materials over plastics or mass-produced toys. i chose to make lucy a baby doll that she could use with her new stroller.
it's a cloth doll made using various scraps from my fabric collection: 
tea-dyed linen was used for the body, wool from an old sweater was used to stuff the doll and a shrunken sweater was used for the hair. since lucy is at a stage where she likes to help get herself dressed, i also used remnants of old clothing to make clothing for the doll.
('baby' was wearing the red dress pictured above when lucy opened the gift for christmas.
by accident we  forgot baby in the swing at church... so poor baby was wearing the same outfit for over a week. the minute we got her home -via babysitter mimmi- lucy ran to the bin of clothing, picked a new outfit and changed her immediately...)

i modeled the doll after lucy:  big blue eyes, sweet smile, little dimples 
and her strawberry-shaped birthmark on the top of her head.
(to make sure it's her baby, she always checks the top of the head!) 

knowing how much lucy already loves jewelery, mikko decided to give her her first necklace ♥
isn't this the most beautiful little girl's necklace you've ever seen... i just *love* it.
it came from estonia from kangaroocare... i had specially requested a mint coloured piece for our little minttu... 
the wooden juniper beads smell lovely and the cotton details are gentle and soft to lucy's skin.
i love that it's a piece that can grow with her.

did you give your little one something sweet for christmas?
i'll be sure to post about other sweet gift ideas...


  1. lol- i can't believe how much that little doll looks like lucy! the little strawberry is so sweet. and the wardrobe! have you ever thought about making these for an etsy shop? I'd love one for each of my 2 girls

    I found your blog a while back via ohdeedoh and I'm so glad i did- your posts are always so great. thanks for sharing!

    1. you're too sweet robyn ♥ thank you!

      oh i had such a good time making lucy's doll... i'd love to sell something handmade on etsy... i have some ideas but should really get started on them... i'll keep you posted if... no *when*... i start selling something ;)
      if you are interested though, type in 'fabric doll' or 'rag doll' and you'll find some amazing little things!

  2. Oh Jenny, that doll is too cute and perfect! Little Pilot would love Lucy's stroller (anything he can push around - just like a lawnmower) :). Lucy, you look so pretty with your necklace!

    1. ;) thank you anu!
      actually you know what, lucy had her lawnmower out until the end of november... we kept it inside as another 'houkuttaja' for her to start walking... you know how there's that little bottle holder for bubbles on it? well she'd put all kinds of treasures in that and push them around lol... but then i hid it in the shed one night knowing that she has a stroller coming soon... so next summer she'll be able to actually use it as a bubble blower!

  3. I bought a breastfeeding necklace from Kangaroocare before my daughter was born back in July! The beads really do smell heavenly, and I just love the way they look with the crocheted thread covering them. That stroller is so sweet, too!

    1. yes! for me the smell of those juniper beads reminds me of when i was little... many things are carved from it in finland as well.