Saturday, 5 January 2013

tanja & david's high-rise sweet high-rise ♥

after many years abroad, my friend tanja together with her partner david moved into one of toronto's sought after high-rise condominiums. 

tanja had a few requirements in mind when looking for a place: 
initially she had imagined herself moving into an 'old character filled' apartment but having lived in helsinki for so long, where most homes boast open concept spaces, she quickly realized that a modern condo would better suit her. tanja appreciates the fact that in helsinki she was able to walk from place to place so naturally she wanted her new home to be within walking distance to work. although she absolutely loves aspects of finland and its culture, she had experienced enough of its dark seasons and wanted to return to toronto for its year-long sunlight (and of course for love!). she had been spoiled with beautiful views of the sea and tanja's compromise to that was finding a place with both a view of lake ontario and of the city she calls 'home'.

there are so many varying views of what an 'eclectic' style looks like: for tanja it is an accumulation of pieces from all the places she has worked and traveled over the years. her taste often changes based on where she lives, or in this case, the place she misses: scandinavia. she is also influenced by her mom and that side of the family including her cousin who is an architect.

when walking into their home, you are first greeted by a happy-pop of red: one of tanja's 'tibetan red' chairs 
which she had custom made while living on the other side of the border in nepal

... you can see more photos here...

photos by a famous nepali photographer

painting from italy, david's mother-land

a barber's box from delhi, india

the green dresser is a gift that came from porvoo, finland

the litho print is an original picasso

the solid wood bookshelf  (one of three - the other two are in storage) was custom built in nepal.
the painting above the chair was a gift from a friend.

tanja remembers having the 'tapiovaara' chair in her home since her childhood

the 'alvar aalto' highchair is nestled under a rare 'hackmanchef's professional industrial prep table.
tanja inherited the rag rug in the kitchen from her grandmother.

the red dish cabinet (which also has doors to attach) is based on a rana dynasty furniture collection from nepal

tanja's favourite design era is mid century modern. she mixes high end pieces, 
such as the black series 7 chairs by arne jacobsen with big box pieces such as the dining table from ikea

her collection of dishes are mostly finnish with some danish pieces and one of a kind pieces from a glass artist based in toronto

the adorable metal christmas tree came from 'lëuk' this past fall while on a girls' weekend getaway (♥)
(remember this)

the hudson's bay blanket was a wedding shower gift from a dear friend

her stunning collection of hand blown bowls are by her mother's friend and artist, mervi haapakosk.
tanja has slowly collected them as gifts from family.

the 1960's sofa is an original design my tanja's mom. 
at the time it was a green velvet sofa and with its minimalist design was considered to be odd to canadians.
upon moving back to toronto, tanja had it recovered with grey italian wool.

what they now use as a coffee table was once a bed from nepal.
the rug came from an afghan dealer in india and the black leather couch is a danish piece from the '50's.
considering david's heritage, the couple has now included an italian piece for their home: the artimide lamp.

the photo of a giraffe was from tanja's visit to kenya when she was young.
the bottom photo is of david in morocco. 

a cousin in dalarna gave tanja the dala horses

the sweet heart shaped ornaments were made using vintage pieces of marimekko fabric.

(there is a cn tower behind those clouds...)

you may have noticed that my scandinavian friend also has a beautifully bare tree like my own... i think it's suiting to post about her home since she'll probably keep her tree up a until tomorrow, january 6th (traditionally finns put their trees up the day before christmas eve, or even the morning of and keep it up until january 6th).

tanja and david will soon be moving into a new house together... though i should mention, it's an 'old character filled' house... ♥

(i wish i had brought a tripod to take better pictures outside...)


  1. thanks for sharing! i love how this house relfects the people who live there :)

    1. oh robyn! that is *exactly* what i love about seeing other's homes...
      the things they choose to keep and display really says a lot about the people and their lifestyles... they tell a story... it's so nice to just keep things that are meaningful and surround ourselves with things that remind us of good times ♥