Thursday, 31 January 2013

toddler armchair makeover...

i wanted lucy to have her own little comfy chair to sit back, relax and read a book...
monte chairs are adorable but not exactly affordable... and i don't really love their colour combinations...
the only other option i could think of is the tacky disney high back armchairs. you know those ones that are always at yard sales, thrift stores and on the side of the road... yeah, those ones.
well a friend of mine picked one up for me for a dollar. 

here's what i did:

i took the furry (ugh...) seat cover off and used my seam ripper to take the different pieces apart. let me warn you - this took quite a while to do since they use nylon fishing thread to sew the covers together.

i knew i wanted the chair to have a nice pop of colour or pattern (you know when you eye that special armchair or couch but can't bring yourself to buy it in fear that you'll grow tired of the pattern or colour...) but i didn't want to spend a penny on this project (kind of like lucy's baby doll project). i had to have enough fabric to cover the whole chair, so i went through  my fabric stash and found a vintage bead spread. maybe it wouldn't be my first choice if i were to buy new fabric but it's sweet and feminine for my lucy-girl. maybe one day i can sew another slipcover in some stripes or polka dots or some bold marimekko pattern.

after cutting the pieces according the original pattern, i pinned them together, sewed them and surged the edges. i then put the slip cover on the chair... now that was a fight fit... *** if i were to do this again, i would make a slip cover that buttons up at the back - it would be so much easier for removing and putting the slipcover back on rather than having to stretch non-stretch fabric over the foam ***
with the slip cover on the foam chair, i then pinned elastic on the bottom (just like the original disney cover) tight enough so that the cover would be snug at the bottom but not too loose so that it would bubble or puddle around the chair. i then sewed the elastic using the straight stretch stitch (try saying that three times...) on my sewing machine.

voilĂ . you've got your own custom made slip covered armchair. it's bound to make someone little very happy ♥

another idea of mine: i'd like to get my hands on a disney flip open sofa - similar to the armchair, it has a nice and simple pattern to sew... i like that they have a plain and straight top as well.

(sorry for the nasty lighting in the 'after' shots... it's been pretty dark and grey around here lately...)

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