Friday, 15 February 2013

flamingo love ♥

as promised... here's a little flamingo love from yesterday ♥

(from top to bottom, left to right)

1 - classic don featherstone pink flamingo lawn ornaments. love them. seriously. (photo here)

2 - playmobil normally carries flamingos... and get this, their legs even bend over to eat... but when i emailed them to purchase them individually, they said they'll be out of stock for a few months... (photo here)

3 - i *love* holztiger's wooden flamingo and other animals... i know they'd be great additions to lucy's animal toys, but they don't quite fit our budget... 

4 - i found this stunning set of waldorf animals (also made in germany) which includes a flamingo via baumstammbuch

5 - some of eric carle's books such as '10 little rubber ducks' and 'polar bear, polar bear, what do you hear?' have a flamingo character. the card that i showed lucy yesterday for valentine's day was one from a set of 'animal flash cards'

6 - 3 sprouts flamingo wall organizer... to keep the kiddos organized

7 - canadian designed and locally made using reclaimed wool, cate & levi's stuffed flamingo was my inspiration for lucy's flamingo

8 - how cute is this pink flamingo necklace via metamorph...

9 - flamingo i-phone case via lazydoll? love it.

10 - silk screened flamingo pillow via cactusandcottontail? love that too...

11 -flamingo wire sculptures via tommyhesterstudios

12 - 'single ladies' archival print via unitedthread

13- 'keep calm and love flamingos' poster via printland

14 - limited edition pink flamingo print via shopamysullivan

15 - 'f is for flamingo' print via seaurchinstudio

funny little note: in university i wrote an essay on the colour 'magenta'... yes, a whole ten page essay on a single colour... it was a fun summer course - 'understanding colour' - then again, most visual arts courses were fun ♥

anyway, one of my main findings was that flamingos are pink due to the carotenoid-rich shrimp they eat...
i shared this fact with mikko... you know, one of those 'did you know...' moments... 
what did he give me for his annual christmas ornament gift? 
a flamingo. yes. a flamingo for christmas. it still hasn't earned a spot on our tree...

and so... i leave you with this funny little dance...


  1. so cute about the flamingos! as i was scrolling down, i was going to comment and share the link for the unitedthread print and then i saw you had included it! i ordered an ostrich print from her and it was beautiful.

    1. oh i *love* unitedthread's prints for their colours, textures and compositions - so beautiful!!