Thursday, 14 February 2013

happy ♥ day

 goodness this girl has grown since last year...

she has a little 'thing' right now for flamingos... we haven't seen them in person since the summer, but somehow she still remembers that they often balance on one leg and so she imitates them...
maybe her love for flamingos started long ago while i was pregnant and on our 'baby-moon' to dominican republic...

tomorrow i'll show you some 'flamingos' i've found... but for valentines i wanted to make lucy a flamingo using some of my fabric scraps: the main body fabric was from a summer dress i had worn for years, but especially remember wearing it in hawaii on our honeymoon... the wings and legs fabric was from a skirt from high school... and the striped fabric was from my first 'fashion' project in high school (it's a very good shirt by the way... i just haven't grown into it yet haha... it's massive...). i looked at cate & levi's for inspiration but made my own pattern. i wanted the flamingo to be on the tall enough so that lucy can dance around with it ♥

breakfast was fun: heart-shaped cantaloupe with flamingo picks... a twirly polka-dot straw for milk... cream-of-wheat served in a muumi 'love' bowl for the little miss... vanilla yogurt with heart-shaped strawberries... muumi 'love' mugs for me and my valentine ♥

last year we made lucy's neighbour-friends some heart-shaped fruit kabobs. this year we made them little heart-shaped wands with a note on the back that said 'a sprinkle of love to you my friend'... however, i don't recommend using sparkles as a 'cheer me up' for an angry little toddler... sparkles. all. over. the. house.

my hope is that everyone felt *loved* today... 


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you guys! I love, love, love Lucy's new flamingo.

    1. thanks anu!!
      i have another little 'animal' heading your way for the littlest mr. ♥