Thursday, 21 February 2013

janne's condo-sweet-condo ♥

i've got the sweetest cousin in finland...

just days before we went to helsinki this past summer, my cousin moved into his very own condo... he was there only a few days then gave it over to us to live in for a week while he stayed at his parents' home.

his condo is in an amazing location (well, really, honestly every home in finland is amazingly located...) with walking trails around it, steps to public transit with easy access to downtown. it's an older building but is slowly being renovated throughout - my uncle (janne's dad) is doing odd-jobs here and there (not the same tight-rules as there are here...) to spruce-up the place.

so janne's a young guy, living on his own and making a place to call home... please keep in mind, he literally *just* moved in and then we took over... so it's quite sparse in the photos... these are just to give you an idea of what's available for new home owners.

i *love* all the windows and sunlight that pours in.
almost everything in his condo has been thrifted or bought from auctions... thanks to janne's dad ♥

yki nummi's 'skyflyer lamps' were bought at auction - the smaller version is in janne's office

janne and his dad worked hard and quickly installing the kitchen before we he moved in

when we first met with janne, i asked if he had some fruit at home knowing that lucy would be hungry right away... "nah... i think  i have some bacon and eggs though..." (haha...)
like a typical finnish bachlor, his cupboards were also stocked with dried mushrooms that he had picked himself (high in vitamin d... important for dark finnish winters)... he probably also had some fish in the freezer as he's an avid fisherman.

love this in finnish cupboards: above the sink there are always racks for dishes to drip dry rather than having a separate dish rack next to the sink... space saving idea: love that

janne said the bathroom and shower room (they're separate) will be next on his 'to-do' list...

 *love* the tall and mature trees around the condo... janne's dad was working on some new patio areas for the residents to enjoy

hmmm... somehow i "forgot" to take a picture of his bedroom... maybe it was such a mess while we were staying there...

i would love to see what janne's place looks like now that he has lived there and spent time in the space...

thanks again janne ♥

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