Friday, 22 February 2013

love this three-legged prize...

so i entered a 'most touching photo contest' at the end of last year on artek's photo archive... the prize being a special anniversary edition of alvar aalto's stool 60.

the idea was to have alvar aalto's stool 60 somewhere in the photo... so while visiting my parents' once, we took all their aalto chairs and stools outside and played 'juna' (train) with lucy...

this is the photo mikko captured of us... we were one of three lucky winners ♥

thank you artek for this lovely prize ♥
we just love it

p.s. apparently the contest will continue running... 'like' them on facebook for all the info...


  1. Congratulations! The picture is too cute! I love the boxes that the artek stools come in. I think I took pictures of Little Pilot with them when we got our stools too.

  2. i love the white! and also the pikku mansikka paita. <3 i'm so happy you guys won that chair :)

  3. thank you anu and lipsu!!

    as nice as it is to win any prize, i think it's especially nice to win one that i've admired but can't exactly afford... it was really nice of them to have a contest open to the international public