Tuesday, 12 February 2013

♥ pillow

i made a funny little heart pillow...

it's actually quite narrow and long...  i cut two identical heart shapes of fabric and one long strip about 3" wide and long enough to fit around the whole heart... i sewed the strip onto the edge of one of the hearts (the front) starting at the bottom point and working my way around. then i attached the other heart (the back) on to the other edge of the strip, starting at the point and then leaving about a 3" opening before reaching the starting point... i then turned the pillow right-side-out... stuffed it... and sewed the opening shut.

*** if i were to redo this pillow and actually buy something for it (again... this was a no-$ project... the fabric was from my first 'fashion' project in high-school... i made a shirt, and it's a very good shirt... but it's way too big...)... i would have liked to use foam... i would have bought 2 or 3" foam and cut it in the identical heart shape... then the edges would be really crisp and straight, especially for a box-shaped (the extra strip) pillow i tried to attempt...

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